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Additive Manufacturing

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Our Additive Manufacturing Services

Accelerate innovation with our additive manufacturing solutions. Streamline operations, enhance cost efficiency, and foster creativity with unprecedented design freedom.





Metal Additive Manufacturing

Our cutting-edge manufacturing process creates complex metal parts by selectively melting and fusing metal powder layer by layer, offering precision and efficiency.



Customized composite material development, formulation optimization, and consultation on the selection of appropriate composite materials for specific applications.


Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM)

Rethinking how products are designed, we optimize and tailor components specifically for additive manufacturing, unlocking new design possibilities.

multiple 3d pieces behind produced

Key Benefits

Save on Resources & Materials

Intricate parts typically require more steps, materials, and greater labor costs. Our part consolidation techniques allow you to produce an assembly as a unified piece, resulting in cost and time savings throughout the process.

Improve Part Reliability

We create components that are optimized for strength and efficiency by leveraging our advanced design techniques, material selection, and manufacturing processes.

Streamline Prototyping

Rapid testing and prototyping is easier on deadlines and budgets. We make the necessary design adjustments, print the new part, and you’re ready to go.

Reduce On-Hand Inventory

Print parts on-demand. Eliminate the clutter of pre-made replacement parts in your warehouse. Additive Manufacturing (AM) allows you to keep a virtual inventory in the cloud instead.

Metal Materials

a piece of stainless steel on a light background.

17-4PH Stainless Steel

Download Specs
a piece of 316L Stainless Steel

316L Stainless Steel

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a piece of 4140 tool steel on a grey background

4140 Tool Steel

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a piece of D2 Tool Steel on a grey background

D2 Tool Steel

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a piece of A2 tool steel on a grey background

A2 Tool Steel

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a piece of H13 tool steel on a light background.

H13 Tool Steel

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two pieces of grey composite on a light background

Ti-6Al-4v (Titanium)

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circular piece of nickle with opening

Inconel 625

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Composites and Thermoplastics

For an in-depth look at our composite and thermoplastic capabilities, click here

a 3D printed square black composite

a 3D printed grey piece of plastic.

a 3D printed black composite

a 3D printed black plastic piece with several holes

two black plastic parts on white surface

a 3D printed square black composite with 4 circles on top and to knobs on the side.

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