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Working with Sphere

We ensure only the best leaves the production floor. We hold ISO, CGP and Canadian Business Firearms certifications – evidence of our stringent quality, process and business controls.

Partners from the start

Delivering a quality product begins with strategic consulting and planning with our customers. We want to streamline, not change, design aspects if modifications can save you time and money.

Our engineering team can work with you to develop prototypes and processes that result in the most efficient and cost-effective options so you can compete in today’s global market.

Why work with us?

Competitive Pricing

We know the value of our services, and your bottom line is important. We’re priced competitively in the market so that you will always get a fair price for great work.

Quick Turnaround

A good partner is a fast partner. Don’t wait around for lengthy lead times. Our experienced technicians are able to meet and exceed our client’s demanding requirements, without compromising quality.

Focused on Quality

Our commitment to you is to provide the highest standard of quality in every service we offer. Our quality control staff conduct reliable and repeated inspections. Find out more about our Approach to Quality below.


The little things matter. We know that missing the smallest detail can make or break product quality – it’s called precision manufacturing for a reason. Our meticulous team will make sure nothing is missing or off about your project.

Value Added

We are not just a manufacturing company. We provide a wide variety of value-added services, such as expert technical advice, complete sourcing, custom packaging, transportation of goods and more.

One-Stop Shop

Our skilled team will work with you every step of the way. With our wide variety of core capabilities, we are here to help with all aspects of your project – from start to finish.

Our Approach to Quality

Inspection and testing has always been a core part of our culture, and our ISO registration is simply a way to prove that dedication. And it doesn’t end there. We’re constantly learning how to improve our process, products, and our people. Please contact us to request copies of our registration certificates.

logo for ISO 9001:2015
CGP Badge: Registered with Canada

Our Customers

We specialize in work for many demanding markets, and Sphere parts can be found in a variety of different applications for world-class companies. Some of our customers include Skyjack, Canada Post, Ramsden and SafeGuard Health. We can help bring your products to life, from a design concept all the way to end solution.


Let’s get started on your next project.