two employees stand at a table with components on it, looking at a piece of paper

The next generation of manufacturing

We’re done with the old-school ways of thinking in this industry. So we’re looking for people that are ready to shake it up.

Our approach

Advancing manufacturing is what we do. Innovative technology and solutions is how we do it.

It’s time for manufacturing firms to start thinking like tech companies. We want to work smarter, not harder.

Sphere is building a team that is happy to break the norm and explore novel solutions to existing and upcoming challenges that our clients face. If you’re done with the old ways of thinking about machining and engineering, you’ve come to the right place.

two employees stand near a wall full of materials, looking at a piece of paper
an employee sits at a desktop computer that displays a design rendering of a component

What We Offer


Competitive Compensation Packages


Group Health and Wellness Benefits


Innovative Company Culture


Adaptive and Responsive Leadership


Dedication to Positive Change


Commitment to Social Responsibility

Our open roles

Come grow with us

Ready to make the next move in your career? Are you interested in pushing forward the world of precision manufacturing? Send us your cover letter & resume and let’s connect.

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